Thursday, March 19, 2015

Teeth Numbers for Radiology

Teeth Numbers for Radiology.

I have never memorized the USA Teeth numbering system.   When I find a dental abscess, I often google or reference an online source to find out which tooth the abscess is located.

The number 1 tooth starts at the top right maxillary 3rd molar.

The two maxillary central incisors are 8 and 9.

The top left maxillary 3rd molar is tooth number 16.

The two mandibular central incisors are 25 and 24.

Please use the simple diagram below for Adults.

USA Teeth Numbers for

For Children, there are 20 teeth.  They are labeled with alphabetically.  A through T.

Please use the diagram below for Children's teeth.

USA Teeth Numbers for Pediatrics


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