Monday, August 1, 2016

Role of Imaging in OB Ultrasound

First Trimester (1-12 weeks)
1)  Confirm IUP
2) Date IUP
3) Determine fetal number and plancetation
4) Ectopic?
For bleeding-
Normal IUP
Abortion ( impending, in progress, incomplete, missed)

2nd Trimester (13-27 weeks)
Determine fetal number and viablilty
Evaluate Placenta location
Amniotic fluid
Assess gestational age and growth
Fetal survey
Evaluate adnexa and cervix

3rd Trimester (28- birth)
Vertex or Breech
Type of Placenta
Cervical Os
BPP, growth

100 at 6 weeks
140 8 weeks beyond
get follow up if lower than 85 HR.

Reference: MGH Primer


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