Saturday, September 10, 2016

U/S Notes

Fetal Hydrocephalus
Atrium of the lateral ventricle
Greater than 8 mm before 25 weeks
Greater than 10 mm after

Polycystic Ovarian Disease
Greater then 10 mL (l x w x h divided by 2)
12 or more folicles measure 2-9 mm

Ovarian Torsion
Anything larger than 5 cm in any dimension.
Heterogeneous echotexture, more hyperechoic

MSD-CRL  <5 mm  suggests early oligohydramnios

Multiple gestations: check number of fetal poles and yolk sacs
thin vs thick membrane (twin peak sign shows two chorions)

If two embryo in 1 GS must decide if monoamniotic vs diamniotic

Number of YS= number of amnions

If still early in pregnancy and see two fetal poles and 1 yolk sac, reimage 1-2 weeks cuz the 2nd YS may not be seen.

Embryo period ends week 9, fetal period begins week 10.

No abnormal abdominal defect after 12 weeks.  

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